“Every client is unique and I view every project as a blank canvas and a new creation”

“Every client is unique and I view every project as a blank canvas and a new creation”

Transformational Design

If your life plans are changing, shifting or upgrading, your living environment and the energy of your home can support you in positive way. Perhaps you are trying to attract more abundance through your work or you’ve decided you’d like to invite a romantic relationship into your life. Or maybe, you have gone through a rough time and want to create a healing and recovery sanctuary out of your space. Transformational design doesn’t require a complete overhaul of your space. Through clearing of items which no longer resonate with your goals and adding design and functional elements that will uplift your space, you will connect with your home in a way you never thought possible.

Interior Redesign

@#$% happens as well as beautiful life transitions. If you’re recently separated, divorced, relocating, moving to a temporary space or downsizing, I can help you. I’ve weathered divorce, the big recession, empty nest syndrome and relocating to New York City from Los Angeles. Your space CAN be your haven and bring you that “fresh start” energy you need. The process of creating your new space is very healing and energizing. Let me help you.

Space Clearing and Energy Design

Decluttering items that have a low vibration and don’t uplift you is a daunting process. I can design a plan and help you define a new vision for your space. This practice can be emotional, difficult and confusing. I can help you define what’s essential to you and your happiness and growth. Your home must be sacred and contribute to emotional well-being. Let me help you feel at home again.

Healing Lifestyle Design & Home Detox

We live in a toxic world and having a clean, non-toxic, healing home is vital to our health. I can help you detox your home of products that are not serving your health. Perhaps you have allergies, want to get fit, or make sure your kids safe from toxins. Finding sustainable and healthy home products is one of my passions and I would love to assist you in your health journey. Should you wish to adopt a whole foods plant-based or plant-strong lifestyle, I can clear the energy in your kitchen, pantry and home to support your transition and coach you in the essentials of this lifestyle.

Real Estate Listing Design

Do you have a listing that needs some TLC? I help real estate professionals coach their clients through the process of listing and marketing their property. Great photographs are essential to selling a space. Styling and removing negative vibrational items is key. By focusing on a vision of your ideal buyer, I design a plan that will attract positive energy flow and will magnetize your listing. A home needs to be released to a new owner and by gently clearing the clients’ attachments to their home, the space sells effortlessly.

Construction Design

I you are looking to remodel your home, kitchen or bathroom, I have over 20 years of experience in construction design. While I don’t manage projects anymore, I’m happy to design and space plan your home and help you outsource the construction, management and installation services.

These are my current offerings, please email me at suzana@suzanapalaic.com should you have any questions and to schedule an exploratory phone meeting.