Thank you for considering working with me! Here’s the process:

Step 1

The first step is to schedule a 20 minute phone call with me to assess whether I could be of service to you.

Step 2

You schedule an Initial Consultation. This is a 90-120 minute meeting in which I will assess the energy in your space, learn more about your vision for your home or office and what goals and intentions you have. A day or two after the meeting, you will receive and written Design Plan via email.

Initial Consultation:
$417 In-person Manhattan
$376 Remote via FaceTime or Zoom

Please call 310-923-2500 or email to book your INITIAL CONSULTATION.

Step 3

You schedule one or several Design Sessions. Should you wish to have my office complete your space as a full-service design project we offer project management, purchasing, clearing and installation services in a Design Package. Design packages prices are custom and based on size and duration of the project. Estimates are available upon request. If you have wish to continue with sessions only, they are priced as follows:

$197/hour In-person Manhattan
$176/hour remote via FaceTime or Zoom

Why the weird numbers?
Numbers hold a vibrational energy. My rates were created with the intention of manifesting a positive value exchange between my clients and me.