I’m an empath with a sixth sense about people, spaces, energy and animals. I’m approachable and heart-centered in my business and personal life.

I grew up in Montreal, studied art in Paris and completed my undergraduate degree at Bates College. I got my Masters at Boston University before moving to Los Angeles in 1991. I now live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

My background as a dancer, swimmer, and surfer developed in me a sensitivity to movement, energy and space. I have a deep understanding of how our bodies need to feel comfort, safety, flow and joy.

I’m a single mom to an awesome daughter who’s a professional ballerina. I have a dog and a cat who hog the bed. I understand the need for livable interiors that aren’t precious and can be enjoyed by all.

I’m grateful that my interior design work over the past 20 years has brought me clients who are leaders, visionaries, business owners, philanthropists, parents, athletes, artists, writers and lovers of life. I’ve been honored to design their homes and offices. Witnessing my clients succeed, heal, fall in love, start families and celebrate in their spaces has brought me joy.

I practice Kundalini yoga and meditation and lead a compassionate plant-based lifestyle. I’m a Reiki II practitioner and clear negative energy in spaces. Through my own personal work in recovery, I’ve studied health and the environment extensively. I received a health coaching certificate from the IIN and a raw foods certification from the Ann Wigmore Institute in Puerto Rico. If your primary goal is to upgrade your health, I can help you by making changes to your space and coach you on the healing power of plants.

I’m an essentialist designer. Times have changed and the climate crisis requires us to live intentionally and with minimal waste. I want to create a space for you that is sustainable and won’t fall out of fashion. The space I create with you will be informed by your hopes and dreams. It will become sacred and unique.

Please reach out if you’re interested in working with me. I would love to learn about your project and see if I can be of service. You can email me at suzana@suzanapalaic.com or call me at 310-923-2500.